Lowest cost landline in the UK

Buzz Telecom is the preferred supplier of business communications throughout the country. We offer the best that the market has to offer directly to our clients passing all the savings to you, the business owner.


How can we do this?

We purchase your lines and minutes from identically the same place BT Retail do - BT Wholesale; however we charge our clients over 90% less for the identical products, that simple!


Will I experience disruption?

Absolutely not, your services will continue without any disruption whatsoever, the only difference that you will experience is the size of the bill.


Can I keep my number/s?

Your numbers will remain unchanged as will any additional services such as voicemail, caller display etc.


I have ISDN lines will this be affected?

Your digital lines will be transferred like for like with no breaks in service or any need to re-apply for any additional services.


I don’t currently have lines - can I have a new install?

Of course we can arrange for new installs, irrespective if the requirement is a single PSTN line or a large switchboard system. All the installation work will be carried out by BT Openreach as will all maintenance that may become necessary in the future.


What arrangements do we need to make before the switch?

You are not required to do anything at all; our team will ensure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish enabling you to concentrate on your core business.


Do I have to sign a long contract to get these rates?

Our standard contract for lines and minutes is a 12mth rolling contract enabling clients to feel at ease that they are not committing themselves to lengthy contracts. However clients who want to secure the rates for a longer period of time can opt to have a 36mth contract.


Will the rates change?

The rates offered to you will remain unchanged for the duration of your contract. However we guarantee that if you find a more cost efficient offer elsewhere we will match it. This further solidifies our commitment to our clients. 


Please note : Any rate increase during your contract period will not impact your rates during your contract period; however there may be a difference at the point of renewal.



Our clients are amongst the happiest telecoms users that there is due to the low cost and high levels of service they experience on an ongoing basis.


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