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Buzz Telecom has been offering business solutions for a considerable time; always striving to offer our clients the best that the market has to offer at the best possible cost. Our clients needs are always changing and therefore we are always looking at ways to better serve our clients and prospective clients alike.


Landline Telecoms

Buzz Telecom offer like for like services, keeping things simple and straight forward. We provide identically the same services that you currently have for less cost - it's that simple!


VOIP - (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

This is a technology that has gone from strength to strength in recent years; fast becoming the choice for businesses across many different industries. VOIP offers more features and benefits for a fraction of the cost when compared to a traditional telephone system. 



Business Mobile

Independence offers our clients the ability to look at the whole market allowing us to guide them toward the solution that is right for them. Why not go direct to the network? There are many clients that do just that; however they cease to enjoy the benefits of independence and very often lose their voice due to them not having a dedicated account manager working on their behalf. Lastly there is very rarely any financial benefit in going direct.


Buzz Telecom now have wholesale agreements with Vodafone, O2 and EE which enables us to bespoke a package for our clients not available directly from the network as this is built specifically for you the end user. 


Vehicle Tracking

Our Vehicle Tracking division is one of the longest standing and one of very few true independent Vehicle and Asset tracking provider in the UK. Click here to visit the Veetrack website. 


Our Platform is the only true second by second tracking system a feature that you cannot obtain from any other provider. Feature rich, easy to use affordable and without restrictive long agreements.


* Geo-fencing

* Driver ID 

* Driver Behaviour 

* Vehicle Maintenance 

* Trip Replay

* Camera intigration 

* Temprature Reports 

* Panic Button 

* Remote immobilisation

* Garmin Intigration 

* Alerts 

* 30 instant or scheduled reports (PDF, Email or view in browser instantly)

* Solid state hardware - our hardware will never become obsolete

* Mobile phone app

* Access levels - ensuring that only the required access is given to various depts of your business 


Get all your solutions for less - that's a guarantee!