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Most offices accross the world have a fax machine and have had so since the early 1980's.


This 80's technology was a breakthrough in business comunications and it offered instant sharing of documents ability for signatures to be verified etc.. However technology develops and we are now experiencing change in a similar way that DVD took over from VHS and MP4 from DVD.


Companies more so now than ever before; want a paperless, portable and accessible office. With more and more people working from home or hot desking it is vitally important that you have access to your vital communications platforms such as Fax, Email and Calls whenever needed.


Whilst we are able to access our emails from any computer or handheld in the world we have not been able to do the same with Fax's until recently. With the introduction of Fax to Email you no longer need to find a fax machine in order to veiw the document; it simply drops into your email inbox; what could be simpler?

Lower your Costs instantly


Fax to Email means that there are no consumables to replenish ever! No printer or copier refills, no paper and most importantly - no additional phone line required.


The savings are an average of £250- £300 per annum

You will be provided with a non geographical number for free, you can stipulate which prefix you preffer; however numbers are allocated randomly - for a list of currently available numbers contact our office. Premuim numbers can be purchased please ask for an up to date list of available numbers.


New 03 prefixes are now availble these are particularly good for businesses that recieve calls from mobile callers as they are mobile freindly as appose to the 08 prefixes. 

*All new fax to email connections are subject to a one time setup fee of £50 this includes a geographic or non geographic number.

Get Fax to Email Now for only £5 per month

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