Veetrack are proud to announce that we have now been in partnership with Quartix for a period of three years. We have opted to distribute the Quartix product due to the robustness, reliability and support that the Quartix product brings to the market place.


There is absolutley no doubt that this is a market leader in both private and public sectors alike due to the versatility of the software and hardware offered by Quartix.


The pioneers of rental systems within the tracking industry, their model continues to be emulated by various manufacturers without success as the secret of the offering is not just a financial one. All areas of the offering from Quartix is first class from the ordering process, installation, training and ongoing support.


They will offer you 3 different ways in which to get started with a tracking system. Purchase, Pay as You Go, or 12 month rental. Easy in - Easy out; there has never been anything quite like this on the market until Quartix made this offering.


Veetrack Systems is an authorised distributer of all Quartix products and offer a second teir of software and technical support to clients. Our services to you are absolutley free and you will not be charged any differently than if you dealt directly with Quartix.


The Aim is to offer a localised pro-active service to clients when required, as a long established experienced provider of vehicle tracking systems you can rest assured that you will have many years experience on hand whenever we are called upon.



Veetrack agents are available for face to face meetings at your convenience; however in order to offer you some insight to some of the software functions please view the clip below. Once this has finished you will be able to view more clips about the products available.


Should you prefer a live online demonstration please request by emailing us at